Monday, August 15, 2005

Cable News Has an Addiction

It seems that ever since the Michael Jackson case, all of the 24 hours of the Cable news cycle dedicated to missing persons, murder, and child rape cases. They all have seemed to bypass in-depth coverage of relevant issues of the day.

The Fox News Channel (Unfortunately my stalwart news outlet) is "freebasing" every little bit of information that even simulates news. Leading that pack is the the chief "basehead", Greta Van Sustren.

The crack cocaine of journalism (if it bleeds, it leads) has also gripped the programming of MSNBC and CNN. CNN seems to be torn between their crack addiction to their heroine addiction of covering any person, group, and/or event that is even the least bit critical of President Bush. Aaron Brown will drop his crack pipe filled with Nancy Hollaway in a New York minute in favor of a syringe full of "Bush lied, People died". MSNBC's Kieth Olberman, Joe Scarborough, and Chris Matthews seem to be pill-poppin' just about any scandal they can find in order to be even relevant in the ratings race. Donny Deutsch on CNBC seems to take the ecxtasy approach - get people together to smoke as a group. Donny always seems to have a collection of fellow Left-Wing Liberals who enjoy giggling about successful a terrorist act was in Iraq.

Unfortunately, these newsroom addictions suffocate precious reporting resources that should focus on issues such as the Air America Scandal where these left-wing liberal extremists embezzled nearly $900,000 from a girls and boys club to finance their radio network's launch.
I have subsidized my viewership by reading and crossreferencing more blogs and research work of websites that I trust in order to get the information that is relevant to my life. It is very sad that what we wanted to avoid in our local news, we are bombarded with by our 24 hour Cable News Networks. My recommendation is that Cable News Networks should find a "program" and kick the journalistic drug habit or risk losing loyal viewers permanently.


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