Friday, July 08, 2005

Big Brother couldn't stop them...

London has the most advanced urban artificial observation network in the world. While it is excellent at catching j-walkers, the license plate of speeders, the occasional pick-pocket, and lovers kissing, it was not able to notice terrorists planting explosives in its transportation systems.

As you know, al-Qaida (or Qaeda) terrorists managed to plant and detonate 4 bombs, within one hour. during the morning rush hour, murdering 37 working British citizens and injuring over 700 working British citizens. What a tragedy!

The city of London has about "eight-thousand closed-circuit TV cameras help officials track people throughout London...", with about "six-thousand cameras monitoring the Underground subway system." That makes London the most saturated city in the world with artificial urban surveillance.

Ironically, the surveillance system was built in order to thwart attacks by terrorists! However it seems that the system lacks capacity to notice violators of national security while it records the smallest detail of the law abiding.


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