Sunday, May 01, 2005

Thomas Friedman's Elite Marathon Pontification

On BookTV today N.Y. Times columnist Thomas Friedman sat, talked, and fielded comments and questions for 3 hours! Among the many issues he discussed, I was particularly disturbed by his assertions on gasonline production and use in the United States. He seems to believe that if the price of fuel were high enough (he used Europe as an example) that consumners would modify their demands and change their habits.

What he didn't say is that Europeans are driving no more of these idealistic automobiles that the elites criticize American car manufacturers for "not" making.

He cited the fact that Sweden's gas prices average $6 per gallon and they are an oil producing nation. He (I believe intentionally) neglected to tell the audience that about $4.62 of Sweden's $6 average price per gallon is taxes - not corporate profits! Similar research is in all of the Western European Nations.

Sweden is not driving hybrid or clean fuel burning cars in any noticeable manner, yet liberals like Thomas Friedman continually reference these nations as notable standards.

Friedman criticizes the bush Administration for advancing the legislation to drill in Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Friedman called it an "Environmental Cathedral". He then stressed the there should be more pressure on to "Drill in Detroit", meaning to force U.S. Automotive Companies to increase their Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards (CAFE). By the way, Their is no pressure on Mercedes (the Germans), Toyota (the Japanese), or even Volvo (when it was owned by the Swedes) to increase their CAFE standards - just the U.S. car companies.

Remember, the goal of these hypocritical attacks on U.S. companies is to weaken U.S. success not increase safety

Note to Mr. Friedman:

The reason there is no "Drilling in Detroit" is because it is proven that increasing the fuel efficiency of automobiles does not translate into savings on fuel consumption.

Liberal elites such as yourself live fly gas guzzling planes, drive gas guzzling limousines, and live in energy guzzling homes. The aggregate wealth of liberals America can lead by example rather than follow in hypocrisy.

Until then we need to drill in the "Environmental Cathedrals"


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